About this blog


Welcome to the International Wildland Fire Danger Center. Here we explore wildland fire across disciplines from fire behavior to its regional and global impacts. Specifically, we will explore how short term-weather variations and longer term climatic variations are changing the world we live in and exposing more and more people each year to the threat of wildfires. On the other hand, we’ll consider that fire is a natural ecological process that has to exist in nature and we’ll encourage a systems-thinking approach to identify novel solutions to living in a fire prone world.

Wildland Fire Case Studies

Exploring significant global wildland fire events, their causes and consequences.

Monitoring and Mapping

We will explore new tools and resources for monitor, modeling and mapping fire danger conditions across landscapes.

Mitigation and Adaptation

Finally, we’ll explore some ways that communities can face the wildfire challenge head on and learn to live more harmoniously in a fire-prone world.